Refrigeration solutions for the plant and the planet.

Our Story

Our family knows refrigeration – we’ve been passionate about it for almost thirty years.

Made locally right here in Melbourne, we partner with Australia and Asia’s leading food and beverage industries, custom designing the most innovative, sustainable, and efficient, solutions in natural and synthetic cooling and freezing.

Industries We Partner With

From dairy to meat, wineries, breweries, warehouses, and cold storage – we immerse ourselves in your industry so we can champion you, your business, and your product through the most superior refrigeration solutions on the market.

Our Services
You can rely on Hoctor beyond the design, manufacturing, and installation of your refrigeration solution. Our true value lies in our lifetime support promise - providing servicing, maintenance, auditing, and ongoing support and advice so you can run the most advanced, economical, and sustainable operations possible.
Our Clients

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