Get it Low

Get it Low

Reduce Energy

Low carbon emissions and highly efficient companies – that’s how we deliver solutions for the plant and planet. Read about our work at Lenne Orchards.

Hoctor’s team can audit your operations and advise you how to reduce energy costs and consumption. That’s something we’ve done over at Lenne Orchards in Ardmona, where we installed ICFD Defrost Modules as part of a 12 room cold storage expansion.

This defrost valve method is designed for carbon dioxide and ammonia systems, and it reduces blow-by gas by up to 90%, significantly reducing system load. We’ve measured the evaporator run time at Lenne’s, and the installation has decreased this by 70%.

You can shorten defrost duration and improve the refrigeration system efficiency of your plant operations. Call us for a free site consultation. We’ll assess and advise you on the options for your facility.

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