The History Of Hoctor


About Us

Our family has been living and breathing refrigeration for almost three decades – and we love it. Global by name, local by nature, our Melbourne based team partners with the world’s leading food and beverage industries, working in collaboration to design, manufacture, install, and provide life-time product and business support. From dairy to meat, wineries, breweries, warehouses, and cold storage – we make it our business to know your business, delivering the most superior solutions in industrial refrigeration.


Our story begins with a young James Hoctor who, after following in the footsteps of his father, joined industrial refrigeration specialists Gordon Brothers. Travelling across Australia as a refrigeration mechanic, James gained valuable insight in the dairy and meat industries, working with Peters Ice Cream Factory and Hardwicks Meatworks.


Identifying a gap in the market for innovative, efficient, and sustainable refrigeration across our key industries, James founded Hoctor in 1997 – welcoming his old employer Hardwicks as his first client (still with us today). Leveraging his broad experience, James began to reimagine what industrial refrigeration solutions could look like. Soon, word began to spread.


From the humble beginnings of a farm in country Victoria, Hoctor moved its operations to Kyneton before rapid expansion led us to our Melbourne based factory, where we operate from today.  Over time, our team and services grew, leading us to be one of Australia and Asia’s leading industrial refrigeration specialists.

Leading The Way For
A Net Zero Future

Sustainable Solutions For Your Business We believe in more than just superior refrigeration solutions – we are proud to be paving the way for a net zero future. Our innovative natural refrigerant solutions utilise naturally occurring substances (such as ammonia and CO2), as opposed to synthetic chemicals used in many cooling and freezing products. Synthetic products, whilst effective, have a significant environmental impact - which is why natural refrigerants are an excellent option. For your business, it means higher efficiency, lower operational costs, and a proactive commitment towards social and environmental causes. For the planet, it means reduced carbon emissions, less resources, and lower global warming potential.

Refrigeration Services

At Hoctor, we offer both natural and synthetic solutions in cooling and freezing, however we are committed to phasing out synthetic products. With exceptional eco and business benefits, we encourage all our clients to choose natural refrigeration for their operations.

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