Select Harvests, Wemen

As Australia’s largest almond growers and the country’s leading manufactures of health snacks and muesli, exceptional refrigeration plays a vital part in ensuring the quality and freshness of Select Harvests’ paddock to plate products.


After inspection and consultation of their Mildura based warehouse, it was determined replacement of a new chiller was the best solution to improve reliability and efficiency to Select Harvests’ operations. Opting for an ammonia (NH3) based product (as opposed to a synthetic refrigerant), the financial and environmental benefits were enormous. In addition, Hoctor installed a DST dryer dehumidifier (with hot water heat recover coil), which came with its own business advantages.





  • 61% reduction in electrical consumption
  • Reduced plant costs
  • Less carbon dioxide output (20 tonnes less per week)
  • Zero global warming potential



  • Increased efficiency
  • Saving of 75,000 kWh per annum

ALC Colac

Delivering efficiency and productivity gains at a scale previously unseen in Australia, the plant upgrade Hoctor undertook for Australian Lamb Company not only provided a solution to the company’s existing design challenges but was also nominated in 2019 at the Oscars of the refrigeration industry – the AIRAH Awards.


Showcasing the capacity of sustainable natural refrigerants, Hoctor custom designed a cascade tunnel system and expanded the existing onsite cold storage freezer. With tight deadlines, Hoctor was able to avoid disruption to existing production whilst providing financial, environmental, and operational benefits on an exponential level.




  • Doubled plant capacity
  • Boosted meat processing by 230%
  • Reduced operational bottleneck
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Increased export levels
  • Lowered system temperatures
  • Sped up product pulldown
  • Increased blast capacity