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JDK provides its regional food producers with the latest technology, inventory management systems, and great country style customer service.

The company has cold storage facilities with available temperatures ranging from -18°C to 8°C. The warehousing solutions also include blast freezing.

Hoctor has helped this burgeoning business to optimise and maintain its site for almost a decade.

Over the years we’ve assisted JDK to almost double the facility’s refrigeration capacity. At the same time Hoctor improved the reliability and efficiency of the systems. Capacity has increased but power consumption has not; meaning our client gets more bang for buck.

Hoctor has supported JDK to install and upgrade capital equipment to keep up with growing demand. Work includes an upgrade of the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and improvements like the 250L, Stal 75 compressor with variable speed drive, receiver; a condenser and LT accumulator.

All of this helps regional Victoria to put food on Australia’s tables.

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